The following pictures and information were sent to Howard from Jim Wade UT3 NSAS Saigon, Headquarters Support Activity Saigon. He served from June 4, 1965 to May 10, 1966. He was with the Seabees. Jim helped in the rescue of the victims of the My Canh restaurant bombing on June 25, 1965 which involved the death of 3 of PhuLam's soldiers. Below are photo's of the bombing and newspaper articles from the Newspaper called "THE OBSERVER" dated July 3, 1965.We would like to personally thank Jim for sending the newspaper clippings and stories.

Blood soaked Vietnamese and U.S. rescue crews remove body of murdered woman from Saigon's waterfront "My Canh" floating restaurant following detonation of two Viet Cong-planted explosive devices. The blasts killed 42 and wounded 81 in the crowded riverside area June 25. Jim Wade is 2nd from right.
Assisting Bloodied Victims
Rescuing Wounded Survivors
Army Sp4 Robert G Silliman, left, who was in the floating restaurant at time of explosions, consoles wounded Mr. Thach, Vietnamese supervisor of the Saigon Radio Telephone Station, who lies on flat bed of truck. Both were injured and treated at the Saigon Naval Hospital.
Dead and injured victims of Viet Cong mine blasts on Saigon's busy riverside street await arrival of medical personnel for evacuation. Rescue workers removed all wounded to hospitals within 30 minutes after explosions.

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