Missing Phu Lamers 1965
Where Are They Now?

Bradbury, William B PFC Jerry Enders
Bucklen, George SP4; Phulam/BaQueo Windy Windblad
Buckliew, John L CPT Jerry Enders
Butler, William D SGT MAJ Jerry Enders
Chadwick, Harold F SSG Jerry Enders
Collins, Earl P SSG Jerry Enders
Dillard MSG, Maintenance NCOIC Rick Gilbert
Ellcessor, Larry SP5 Jerry Enders
Frank, Ozni B SP4 Jerry Enders
Ferguson, Thomas A. 2LT; OIC Transmitter Station Richard Tu
Gray, Robert F SP6 Jerry Enders
Gregory, George A, Jr CWO Jerry Enders
Griggs, Joe H CPT Jerry Enders
Hoke, Ulysses S SFC Jerry Enders
Kersey, Ed Sp6, Carrier Repairman, Ba Queo Receiver Station Windy Windblad
Knapp SP5 Steve Babichuk
Krot, Frans W 1LT Jerry Enders
Luce, Herbert A SFC Jerry Enders
Mason, Bruce A SP4 Jerry Enders
McKeon, William J. Mail Clerk; from Adams, MA John Tuttle
McKinnon, Donald L SP5 Jerry Enders
McNally, Tom SGT Steve Babichuk
Mello, Albert P SFC Jerry Enders
Morris, Jimmie W SP4 Jerry Enders
Nixon, Ronald V SGT Jerry Enders
Ostenberger, William J. M/SGT Comcenter John Tuttle
Pennell, Leo F SP4 Jerry Enders
Powell, Robert Company Clerk John Tuttle
Riceborough Col Jerry Enders, George Mychaskiw
Sanford, Robert M 1LT Jerry Enders
Saturno Sp5, Microwave Rick Gilbert
Shmall (?), Doug SP4; Also at Ba Queo site;
Microwave; May now be in Florida;
Had relatives in New York.
Steve Babichuk
Stewart Sp5, Microwave Rick Gilbert
Tanaka Sp5, Tech Control, from Hawaii Rick Gilbert
Thompson, Billy SSG Jerry Enders
Tolson, Jesse SGT MAJ Jerry Enders
Trotter, Jesse Sp5 Tech Control Rick Gilbert
Vaillancourt, Kenneth SGT Jerry Enders
Washington, Thomas E 1LT Jerry Enders
Whipkey, Garriel M SSG Jerry Enders
Wilson, Jack E MAJ Jerry Enders
Wright, Herbert from Gettysburg, PA John Tuttle


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