1970 Vietnamese

Local Employees at Phu Lam as of March 1970.

Note: Many of these of employees worked many years at Phu Lam.

(For example the first two employees on the list, Mr Hoan and Mr Do, worked the entire 8 years that there was a transmitter building at Phu Lam.  They left before the fall of Saigon and are now living in Southern California) 



Name                          Position                    Year of Birth


Tu Hoan                       Engineering Tech.         1930

Do Dinh Toai                Engineering Tech          1915

Tran Nhu Bich              Engineering Tech.         1934

Trang Tiet Khanh          Secretary                      1939

Ngo Thi Sanh               Secretary                      1943

Vo Tan Dieu                 Time & Payroll Clerk    1934

Nguyen Thi Hai            Clerk Typist                 1947

Dang Thi Kheo Clerk Typist                 1942

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Dom  Clerk Typist                 1944

Truong Thi Dai Stock Control Clerk     1949

Chau Khiem                 Stock Control Clerk     1926

Dang Van Thanh           Office Equip.Operator 1929

Bui Thi Dong                Guard                           1945

Le Thi Tho                   Guard                           1937

Le Van Thong              Truck Driver                 1913

Pham Dinh Ba              Truck Driver                 1910

Hoang Van Tan            Truck Driver                 1927

Chau Phat Thanh          Truck Driver                 1930

Phan Van Tron Truck Driver                 1928

Duong Van Tong          Truck Driver                 1917

Tran Dinh Khi               Bus Driver                    1930

Vu Van Khach             Diesel Engine Mech.     1920

Hoang Van Tham         Head Auto. Mechanic   1921

Vu Viet Thuc                Cook                           1922

Tu Thi Bong                 Cook Helper                1940

Tran Viet Doan Cook Helper                1918

Dao Van Hai                Tire Repairman 1932

Nguyen Thi Du Warehousewoman        1929

Huynh Thi Dau Janitor                          1944

Nguyen Thi Chuyen      Kitchen Helper 1913

Duong Thi Gai  Kitchen Helper 1938

Nguyen Thi Gai            Kitchen Helper 1944

Ho Thi Hoa                  Kitchen Helper 1940

Nguyen Kim Hoa         Kitchen Helper 1918

Duong Thi Hoa Kitchen Helper 1931

Duong Thi Hue Kitchen Helper 1941

Tran Thi Hien               Kitchen Helper 1923   



List from documents in Mr. Hoan’s possession.

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